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Of brilliant actors and excellent leaders. . .

Not only actors and entertainers rely on the techniques of self-expression to succeed. Success in business today is determined by more than the quality of our content or the caliber of our product but also by how that content or product is presented. Countless hours of hard work are only given a few moments to shine, and too many great ideas have fallen victim to a simple lack of appeal-yet not of the idea itself but rather of the person presenting it. Today everyone of us needs to know how to handle themselves in the public sphere, be it:

Albert Mehrabian famously studied face-to-face communication in the 1960s. He concluded that:

That means that 93% of your effect on others is from nonverbal signals.



ManageActing®, a different concept...

Our trainers do not see themselves as a business consultant in the true sense of the term but more as “person consultants”. This concept is reflected in the unique programs of ManageActing® in which the person is put into the foreground. After all it is not a company which buys and sells but rather people who act.

During the seminars and training, practical exercises make up a large portion of the program which alternates from teamwork exercises and presentations to individual tasks and role-playing-all of which is coupled with constant feedback from experts and from the camera lens which captures every move and gesture so that participants can see for themselves what kind of effect they have.

All the participants will also learn exercises and methods to improve their physical expression and the power of their voice, so that they continue to improve, make better and lasting impressions, have a stronger effect on others, present themselves and their company more effectively, and reach more and more people with heart and humor.

Present yourself perfectly in public and learn how to keep calm in critical situations.



ManageActing®, a different concept...






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Interview with Adele Landauer

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Adele Landauer live

Watch Adele Landauer live in TV segments and seminar recordings (in German):

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Adele’s newest book

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