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So much for "either you have charisma or you don’t".
You too can learn charisma!

You possessed it as a child. Yet somewhere along the line, you have lost your inherent power to shine. You’ve been dulled by self-doubt and second-guessing. But here comes some good news: Just as you have learned to doubt yourself and your instincts, you can learn how to be that natural and charismatic person you are hiding deep down. You can unlearn the tendencies that have taken the luster out of how you present yourself and act in front of others.


Rediscover your charisma! It is waiting for you, buried deep down. The stress of everyday life makes you focus only on content and arguments, forgetting that it is not always what you say but how you go about saying it that can make the difference.


Our trainers have devoted their professional lives to finding natural charisma and forgotten potential. By attending our sessions, you will begin to act naturally again. Your self-confidence will improve. After learning these techniques, you will begin to captivate audiences through heart and humor, authenticity, and charisma like never before.


The effect you have on others in every aspect of life will be greatly improved as you discover the pathway which will take you from self-doubt to confidence and believability.



Impulsvortrag Adele Landauer


Interview with Adele Landauer

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Adele Landauer live

Watch Adele Landauer live in TV segments and seminar recordings (in German):

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Adele’s newest books

Buch: 30 Minuten für mehr Charisma und CharmeHere newest book

"30 Minutes for more Charisma and Charme"
chinese edition

Experience Total Freedom

6 Steps to Tearing Down Your Walls and Living Your Life with Happiness, Balance, and Success

Inspired by the Fall of the Berlin Wall - 19,95 €

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