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Anyone who has seen Adele Landauer in front of an audience knows that she is able to captivate and win over her audience with self-confidence, charisma, and radiant personality.

Using the very techniques which she teaches in her seminars, Adele is able to reach every audience member with heart and humor, proving that, yes, you too can learn charisma.

Authenticity is key for her. Nothing is put on or insincere. Onstage she is well-structured and entertaining and able to mesmerize her audience with professional content and a lively performance. She demonstrates that anyone can improve his or her performance through a strong presence, the right mindset, appropriate facial expressions and gestures, clear intonation and pronunciation, and a pleasant voice.

There is an immediate benefit from seeing Adele speak: during the presentation she does exercises with her audience that are then saved in the body’s memory. These techniques are learned in a fun and entertaining way but have an immediate impact on the audience’s own ability to perform. Adele’s presentations are filled with insight, knowledge, experience, and entertainment. Years later participants not only recall this event with joy but use the techniques and knowledge gained to succeed in business and beyond.


Presentation 1:

Yes! You Too Can Learn Charisma - How to be self - confident and persuasive in any situation.


Presentation 2:

Tear Down Your Walls and Become Free to Achieve - Inspired by the Fall of the Berlin Wall

Adele Landauer’s international keynote speech in which you will learn six steps to tearing down your walls and living your life with happiness, balance, and success

Prices upon request

Interview with Adele Landauer

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Adele Landauer live

Watch Adele Landauer live in TV segments and seminar recordings (in German):

TV segments N24, NTV, ARD

Recordings from seminars and presentations


Adele’s newest book

Experience Total Freedom

6 Steps to Tearing Down Your Walls and Living Your Life with Happiness, Balance, and Success

Inspired by the Fall of the Berlin Wall - 19,95 €

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