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In-House Seminars and Company Courses


When your staff is charismatic, confident, and convincing, you ensure not only a growing customer base but guarantee customer loyalty. This means a highly-motivated staff and improved customer satisfaction for your company. Your products and services will be presented more authentically and convincingly by your employees, giving you an edge over your competitors.


Participants will learn how to be more persuasive through their natural charisma, presence, and positive energy. In a friendly and light-hearted way, they will become more aware of their different attitudes and learn how these attitudes contribute to their work and life. They will work on methods for self-assessment concerning their effect on others in various situations found at work and in life at large. They will learn how to handle unexpected and challenging situations skillfully and also acquire the tools to analyze their own performances in a reliable manner. They will begin to shine as they unify content, body language, voice, and emotion.

Possible Applications

Programs and Offers

Prices include initial talks, needs assessments, and preparations, such as the evaluation of a preliminary questionnaire and video material, the creation of a specially-tailored concept perfect for your company, and the development of specific exercises to meet your requirements and goals.

This guarantees innovative, effective, and practical training sessions which will uniquely benefit your staff, your customers, and you.

Choose between a series of seminars or different presentations.


The Seminar

Duration: three two-day training sessions for a total of six days, with about two months in between each session in order to practically apply what has been taught so it can be deepened and expanded upon in the following session.

Number of participants: 6-8

Suggested sequence:

Days 1 and 2: opening workshops and individual needs analysis

Days 3 and 4: group and single training with camera feedback

Days 5 and 6: follow-up and build-up courses with individual coaching

The seminar includes: needs analysis, preparation, specific concepts, personal consultations, and telephone conferences with all participants in between and after the sessions in order to clarify lingering questions, discuss specific situations, analyze recent presentations and appearances, and review concepts.

We are looking forward to your inquiry.

Phone: +49 34601 270373

Interview with Adele Landauer

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Adele Landauer live

Watch Adele Landauer live in TV segments and seminar recordings (in German):

TV segments N24, NTV, ARD

Recordings from seminars and presentations


Adele’s newest book

Experience Total Freedom

6 Steps to Tearing Down Your Walls and Living Your Life with Happiness, Balance, and Success

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