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Personal Coaching

Individual, face-to-face coaching - a personal program with advice and training tailored exclusively for you and your needs

To ensure that you progress from a good speaker to an excellent one and thereby develop into a total professional, longer and more intensive coaching sessions are necessary. In order to break bad habits and guarantee continual growth, this program stretches over a period of twelve months.

Of course for someone in your position, time is your most precious asset. Therefore, we offer a mix of individual trainings, accompanied coaching sessions, and distance leaning.

Choose between one of our three offers:

Option 1 for VIP clients:

Ten appointments over the span of a year. Before the program beings, there is a comprehensive analysis and review of your abilities and needs in order to create a personalized coaching approach (done either in person or by phone). The program then includes:

Option 2:

Two exclusive coaching meetings per quarter-eight appointments per year Additionally all the services mentioned above twice per quarter

Option 3:

One exclusive coaching per quarter-four appointments per year plus all the services mentioned above once per quarter

Included in this coaching package:

To determine which of the three options is best for you or for creating a personalized  coaching session to meet your needs, we recommend speaking directly with Ms. Landauer. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

Interview with Adele Landauer

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Adele Landauer live

Watch Adele Landauer live in TV segments and seminar recordings (in German):

TV segments N24, NTV, ARD

Recordings from seminars and presentations


Adele’s newest book

Experience Total Freedom

6 Steps to Tearing Down Your Walls and Living Your Life with Happiness, Balance, and Success

Inspired by the Fall of the Berlin Wall - 19,95 €

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